Violet Light Purification for the New Year

by George Withers

VIOLET is the most powerful color for personal transformation. Violet dissolves and erases all negative thought patterns and revitalizes you both physically and mentally.

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL can assist to dissolve and release any or all attachments. With his flaming wand of pure violet light Archangel Michael cleanses, purifies, and frees you of any limitations or negativity. This gift of purification from the ASCENDED MASTERS assists you to fill your life with what you desire.

Hold a picture of a radiant violet flame one foot above you, one foot below you, one foot to your left, and one foot to your right. Visualize this violet flame all around you, especially in your solar plexus and your aura. This intense flame destroys any lower frequencies so that negativity cannot attach itself to you. Thus, a barrier is created to remove any negative emotion from yourself and others. This flaming column of violet light releases you from lower frequencies. You are removed from any discord, leaving you standing in a state of purification. Past karmic patterns are dissolved. Visualize, create, and manifest this violet flame from your toes to your head, a powerful column of healing energy and light expanding from one foot to ten feet all around you. This fountain or column of violet energy purges, releases, and annihilates all fear and doubt.

Affirm out loud, “I am a powerful fountain of pure violet light and divine love.” Visualize and create this violet fountain ten feet above you, ten feet below you and ten feet on either side of you. Hold this violet flame around you five minutes each day for purity and clarity. This is a gift from the Ascended Masters so treasure it. The more you use this flame at work, at home or wherever you will see your life blessed beyond your wildest dreams. Send this flame into all of your memories and relationships and replace them with joy. Fill your life and world with this electric violet flame where no doubt or fear can survive. Invoke the blessings of creation with this light each day for five minutes or more, preferably three times a day. With time, patience, and practice this violet flame becomes stronger and stronger and transmutes you into the energy of the Ascended Masters and brings you all that is good. Use the flame in 2009 and make your year a year of spiritual rebirth. The violet flame will change your world before your eyes in 2009.

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