The Law of Abundance

by George Withers

“I give eternal thanks for abundance that is mine” should be the mantra to begin your day. You are seeking and searching for spiritual, mental, and material abundance, but you need to pause and give thanks for the many blessings already in your life. Perhaps it is not the perfect job but it is a job and perhaps it is not perfect health, but at least you are not confined to a hospital bed. Affirm out loud, “ I and my Father are one.” That spiritual consciousness has to be cultivated so you may pray to Him with certainty and know that God is with you right now where you are and at all times. Be grateful for that consciousness and realization. The Creator is ready and eager to bestow you with your blessings, but you must first learn to recognize and receive good when it comes. Divine Will and Human Will operates in harmony and perfect balance to manifest whatever you may need from God’s unlimited supply of health, happiness, and abundance if your intentions are pure. The Law of Abundance works for everyone in the world but it must be set into motion. You must do your part and tune in to Him by right thoughts and actions to manifest the desired results. Decide what you want and be sure that what you want is right for you. Then go after it and persevere until you get results.

Each day contact the God source through prayer and meditation until you feel the serenity deep within you and know that you are “in tune” with the God source. If you are uncertain, doubtful or changeable, you simply cannot accomplish your purpose. Negativity, such as anger, envy, suspicion, jealousy, fear, hate, worry, anxiety, or thoughts of each are stumbling blocks. A joyful, thankful attitude will carry you toward the goal of bringing only good into your life. Change your thinking if you want to change your conditions. You are responsible for your thoughts and only you can change them and make them positive. Appreciation for the Creator expands your consciousness and enables a greater supply of health, wealth, happiness or whatever you desire. Speak to the Father God within and thank Him. God is within you and nothing can prevent you achieving success in all your right endeavors, but you must acknowledge the divine power within you and be grateful for it. The Creator is giving you the power to attract to you the right people, materials, and ideas needed to materialize that which you rightfully claim a child of God.

Whatever the goal for which you are saving, decide how much you can safely deposit each day. Create your own bank —it can be a piggy bank, an envelope, a sack, a bag, or a jar. Start small and expand —deposit a nickel, dime, quarter, or dollar bill each and every day. Make it a ritual and discipline yourself to do so. Say a prayer of abundance and gratitude before dropping money in your bank. Affirm out loud, “I give eternal thanks for abundance that is mine.” Visualize your money and goal increasing tenfold. Always think of God, of good, and of unlimited supply so there can be no negativity left in your mind.

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