The Human Aura

by George Withers

Eastern Philosophers claim that the word Aura is derived from the Sanskrit root AR, meaning the spoke of a wheel. The aura spreads outward from the body very much like the spokes of a wheel. The aura extends outward from the body in an egg shape and is visible to most psychics, mediums and “sensitives”. The aura is brighter and wider around the head and shoulder. People sense this auric vibration and are attracted or repelled by it, according to its nature. With some people you meet, instantly you feel at ease and comfortable, while with other you don’t and that is due to the aura. The aura extends two to three feet or more from the body and is densest close to the body and fades out as it spreads out.

Within the aura are all the colors and these colors denote certain spiritual and physical conditions. Please remember that the aura is constantly changing in color as the emotions of a person react upon the auric vibrations. It is like the aura is impregnated with tiny electric sparks and these sparks are in constant motion. Look carefully at what people are wearing, as the colors of their clothing reflect the aura at that time.

Here is a brief outline of the meaning of colors. You can use it to figure out people and to read people in your daily life. This only a general outline.

  • Red denotes physical desire, anger, and passion. If someone is wearing red, it may indicate a need for energy.
  • Blue is a religious color and indicates high spiritual aspirations and passions.
  • Dark blue or navy indicates independence and someone who wants to be master and captain of their ship.
  • Violet and purple shades are high vibrations and present in the aura of healers and higher spiritual consciousness.
  • Yellow in the aura indicates mental activity and thinking.
  • Black is the opposite of pure white and indicates the more undeveloped sources. Black indicates playing a role and going incognito.
  • Gray is the dove, the peacemaker.
  • Pink is the color of love and the desire for love.
  • Green is the balance of nature and indicates money and finances.
  • Beige and brown indicates practical and earthy people.

Everyone is sensitive to color and responds to the vibration of certain colors in the healing of the physical body. Become aware of the colors you wear and your moods. Also become attuned to what colors people wear so you can know them better for successful interactions.

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