George Withers 020480-EditGeorge Withers has been a guide to enlightenment for thousands of individuals for over a quarter of a century. His psychic gift has aided his clients in the fulfillment of their destinies through a clearer understanding of their roles and karmic situations. His extraordinary depth of perception has given him a unique reputation in the realm of psychic phenomena.

As profiled in The 100 Top Psychics in America

The authors went through extensive research to select the psychics for their book. First, they had to be recommended by their peers, by the media, by their clients, by psychic researchers, or by psychic organizations contacted. Often times, they were recommended by multiple referenced sources.

Client Testimonials:

“I thought his reading was accurate, in-depth and well worth the money. I will be setting another appointment with him soon for further guidance.” -Chris

George has been 95% accurate with his predictions, which included a return to school, a career change, and the end of a bad relationship.” -Maryann

With only my name and birth date, he went on to describe what is happening to me with the most specific details. He even made contact with my deceased parents, which made my hair rise on my arms and made me a bit emotional.” -Tita

He got directly into the issues without running around and my wasting time. A session with him is worth the time and money. Highly recommend – a true, amazing real psychic.” -T.J.

I was in a deep depression because of martial woes. George’s straightforward advice pulled me out of that deep depression” -Nene

National TV shows: George Withers Broadcast 020493

  • Joan Rivers Show
  • The Jerry Springer Show
  • Over a thousand radio shows, locally and nationally.

Profiled by news media:

Selected authored articles:

  • “Violet Light Purification for the New Year”
  • “F-O-R-G-I-V-E-N-E-S-S”
  • “Psychometry”
  • “How to Meet and Talk to the Departed”
  • “Five Easy Steps to Effective Meditation”
  • “The Human Aura”
  • “Commitment”
  • “Ecstasy through Creativity”
  • “Offering”
  • “Eclipse Your Problems This October”
  • “Body, Mind and Soul – Centered Life”
  • Published in “The Berks County Women’s Journal”



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