by George Withers

Psychometry is the ability of the psychic or medium to read from vibrations coming from articles held in the hand or hands. Then the psychic or medium can give names and messages of spirit people or the departed associated with the article. There are many psychics who have greater confidence if they are able to hold an article, such as a ring, wristwatch, bracelet, sweater, etc. belonging to the person for whom they are making an attunement. The fingertips of some psychics are so sensitive that they can actually feel the vibrations of these articles and attune themselves to these vibrations. This method is used frequently in police work or working with missing persons. Psychics are given an article of clothing or schoolbag or piece of jewelry and then the psychic is able to give evidential information to locate the missing person.

The Law of Vibration figures prominently in this phase of mediumship. The Law of Vibration controls all matter whether it is animate or inanimate. All articles take on the vibrations from the person who wears or handles them. There are vibrations of light and sound too fast to be caught by the physical eye or ear, but a psychic or medium can discern these vibrations.

Technically speaking, the word psychometry means soul measuring. Psychics can have clients write down their questions on a piece of paper and then have the client fold the paper several times without the psychic ever seeing the questions. By holding the paper the psychic can answer these questions by reading the vibrations emanating from the paper without actually seeing the questions. Psychics apply this same process to read tarot cards or other cards. Psychics have the client shuffle the cards carefully and then read the vibrations of a client using the cards as a point of focus. Remember everything you touch or handle has your vibrations. It is your DNA.

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