by George Withers

Everyday of our lives we take from Mother Earth in some way; whether it be a negative thought, word, or deed. Take a moment to sit in silence and count the marvelous things you have in this lifetime – health, job, home, family and especially the wonder of being alive! Don’t take for granted what may seem obvious, not everyone has all of these things.

Be grateful for your blessings; ask yourself, “What have I given back to Mother Earth and my fellow human beings to heal them today?” Perhaps the greatest gift you can give Earth and fellow man is your own spiritual enlightenment, that is tolerance and understanding and of course your intuition or GOD voice.

When stepping into this perspective, you remove ignorance, prejudice, greed, and injustice, and instead present the wonder and miracle of your true self to the world. This is your offering and everyone is uplifted and inspired by your example. You are a miracle; you are a wonder. We are all of God’s children.

In Spirituality, we believe in the Law of Attraction; that is, like attracts like. Think in terms of cliques, a group of individuals bonded by common interests. This also works with thought; both negative and positive besiege their counterparts. Angry people attract negativity, positive people attract positivity.

You can serve as an example to others anytime you are possessed by a negative emotion or thought that you cannot control, you are polluting the Earth. You are sending negative energy and negative energy is coming back to you. Do not hold on to negativity or it becomes an addiction and decreases the spiritual consciousness of the world.

Release your fears and negativity and allow power into your life. Create a welcoming void within yourself through the power of RELEASE. Your life is about teaching and we are all simultaneously teaching and learning everyday. Are you a good student and also a good teacher to heal Mother Earth? Are you actively raising the world’s spiritual consciousness by practicing positivity? Or are you polluting the Earth from negative thoughts, fear, anger, jealousy, selfishness, and/or intolerance?

Life is a process of teaching and learning; we gain from entering emotional wounds, financial distress, etc. Follow your innermost passions in life; see the good and positive within every human and the sacredness in everyone-see the Christ energy within every soul. Become a light bearer. You’ll become strong and will have more vision in your life. Let the negative energy fly away and heal Mother Earth in turn with a gracious smile, a kind word, or random good deed of kindness. Do whatever you can today to make a difference and to heal yourself and our precious Earth.

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