by George Withers

Everyday of our lives we take from Mother Earth in some way; whether it be a negative thought, word, or deed. Take a moment to sit in silence and count the marvelous things you have in this lifetime – health, job, home, family and especially the wonder of being alive! Don’t take for granted what may seem obvious, not everyone has all of these things.

Be grateful for your blessings; ask yourself, “What have I given back to Mother Earth and my fellow human beings to heal them today?” Perhaps the greatest gift you can give Earth and fellow man is your own spiritual enlightenment, that is tolerance and understanding and of course your intuition or GOD voice.

When stepping into this perspective, you remove ignorance, prejudice, greed, and injustice, and instead present the wonder and miracle of your true self to the world. This is your offering and everyone is uplifted and inspired by your example. You are a miracle; you are a wonder. We are all of God’s children.

In Spirituality, we believe in the Law of Attraction; that is, like attracts like. Think in terms of cliques, a group of individuals bonded by common interests. This also works with thought; both negative and positive besiege their counterparts. Angry people attract negativity, positive people attract positivity.

You can serve as an example to others anytime you are possessed by a negative emotion or thought that you cannot control, you are polluting the Earth. You are sending negative energy and negative energy is coming back to you. Do not hold on to negativity or it becomes an addiction and decreases the spiritual consciousness of the world.

Release your fears and negativity and allow power into your life. Create a welcoming void within yourself through the power of RELEASE. Your life is about teaching and we are all simultaneously teaching and learning everyday. Are you a good student and also a good teacher to heal Mother Earth? Are you actively raising the world’s spiritual consciousness by practicing positivity? Or are you polluting the Earth from negative thoughts, fear, anger, jealousy, selfishness, and/or intolerance?

Life is a process of teaching and learning; we gain from entering emotional wounds, financial distress, etc. Follow your innermost passions in life; see the good and positive within every human and the sacredness in everyone-see the Christ energy within every soul. Become a light bearer. You’ll become strong and will have more vision in your life. Let the negative energy fly away and heal Mother Earth in turn with a gracious smile, a kind word, or random good deed of kindness. Do whatever you can today to make a difference and to heal yourself and our precious Earth.

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How to Meet and Talk with the Departed

by George Withers

Loved ones, who have passed over to the other side are often as interested in establishing a relationship with us here on earth as we are with them. Instead of grieving for prolonged periods of time over the death of a wife or husband, a parent or a child, or a friend, we can benefit from contact with loved ones who have passed over to the other side. We may even do so without realizing it. Your departed loved ones may make themselves known in a variety of ways if you become aware of signs. Some will use symbols. Others will touch you on parts of your body, such as your shoulder or your head or hair. Others may be auditory–from a single buzzing or ringing to whispers and voices. Some loved ones will present themselves through colors or smells. Some will give names and some will not. Ask your loved ones for names as it may help you to personalize the relationship. Trust the first name you get. Most loved ones will manifest in a dream state when you are most relaxed. The magic hours are between 1 and 4 in the morning. Loved ones seem to make contact with the living in the early hours of the morning when we are most relaxed and receptive. If you wish, you can get out of bed and pull up a chair and talk to the departed one as you would have in real life. It is important to eliminate fears and thereby avoid problems. You do not have to learn to be unconscious or in trance in order to meet and work with loved ones who made the transition. However, do not become overdependent upon them and do not use the departed to remedy your own loneliness or to parade around to friends for your ego enhancement. Above all, test the spirits. Do not follow their advice blindly. Those who are truly loved ones will expect this testing and will be patient with you.

Work with your loved ones is a creative process. It involves learning to tap into the subconscious to communicate effectively. When we close our eyes and withdraw temporarily from the world around us, we enter the world of spirit. Mediation is the key to shift our state of consciousness. Dreaming is an altered state just as meditation is. The psychic senses exist within us all. For the most part, the psychic sense must be awakened through meditation. You can set the intention of the relationship with the departed through visualization, prayer, affirmation, and meditation so there is no obsession or contact with lower entities.

Attune yourself for contact with loved ones as follows:
1. Close your eyes and relax in a seated position where you will not be disturbed.

2. Bring your attention to the crown of your head and begin breathing slowly and rhymically. Inhale slowly to the count of five and exhale slowly to the count of five. Repeat this exercise at least five times.

3. Keep your eyes closed and extend your senses outward. Pay attention to new sensations. Do you have a feeling of a presence?? Are there any colors or sounds?? Are there any fragrances? Do you sense anything different? Ask for some form of identification? When you get a response, continue questioning mentally. Visualize yourself having a conversation with this being. Do not force it. Do not forget to record your impressions. Please keep in mind that it takes patience, practice, and perseverance for a relationship with you loved one to unfold.

Learning to work with loved ones is a great adventure. We open ourselves to the continuity of life and eliminate fear of death by connecting with those you have come and gone before us. We learn through contact with the departed that we are never truly alone and we are all children of God.

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Five Easy Steps to Effective Meditation

by George Withers

At certain times in our life, changes and decisions can be so overwhelming, you are helpless to transform, advance, or progress with your life. You find yourself in a rut and cannot seem to get out. Because you are in such a mental-emotional state you are unable to make any choice or decision, whether it be a trip, a job, a home, a car or a relationship. You are paralyzed with fear, doubt and uncertainty and simply cannot make a rational decision. Here are five easy steps to take to get out of the rut and get moving on with your life.

1. Sit in a quiet place free of noise and interruptions and pray for divine guidance.

2. Close your eyes, quiet your mind, and relax. Spell the word CALM in your mind very slowly.

3. Take a deep breath from the abdomen and slowly breathe in to the count of five. Slowly and evenly release the breath and push it down and out to the count of five. Breathe in the positive energy of the universe and release the negative for at least ten such breathing patterns. Now you have changed your consciousness from the alpha to the beta state.

4. Let go and relax into the eternal flow of life.

5. Mentally put out your question or questions to the universe and see what comes back. That is the answer or answers you have been searching for. Trust it and do not doubt it. This experience and resolution is an opportunity to get unstuck and redefine who you are and what you hope to accomplish , create, or be. Now you are free for movement in a new direction. You have the power because you gave yourself the power to unlock the old reality and transform yourself into a new wiser and happier being. It is very important to trust the thought, word, phrases , feelings, and impressions you received in this brief five minute meditation and not dismiss it as an overactive imagination.

Try this simple five step meditation every day to rejuvenate yourself and get clarity. This meditation will remove mental and emotional blocks. You will find your true power and your destiny within the silence of an effective five minute meditation.

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by George Withers

To err is human; to forgive divine. A quote by Alexander Pope.

Forgiveness has the power to dissolve resentment, release blame, heal guilt, end anger, and eliminate fear. However, to truly forgive opens the heart to the soul and the divine. It takes you into the depths of consciousness as a route to discover healing on many levels and expand into the higher spiritual awakening.

Why hold onto slights, hurts, and grudges of the past? It is negative energy. The past is the past; learn from it and move forward.

Resentment and anger are cancers and in time may contribute to critical illness in your body unless you learn to forgive. By forgiving someone you can forgive yourself. That realization and understanding will be uplifting and transforming. Forgiveness is life changing. Forgiveness cleanses you and wipes the slate clean. State the following mantra out loud, “I forgive myself”. You need to rid yourself of emotionally negative baggage that blocks the positive energies wanting to bring new things into your life.

If you can forgive yourself, you can forgive others more easily. It liberates you and removes emotional blockages of the past. Acknowledge what or whom you want to release. Self forgiveness means letting go of whatever real or imagined resentments the mind holds onto. Self forgiveness opens you to the God presence.

When you close someone out, you close a part of your heart. Developing an attitude of forgiveness takes time. Do not let self justification and self righteousness control you. Explore what negative energies you are holding onto. Begin the healing process by keeping a weekly journal of steps you have taken to release and forgive past hurts.

Forgiveness brings you reconnection with your true inner being and others. Start small by practicing with a clerk or coworker who has been rude to you and open your heart to forgiveness. Use the daily affirmation, “I forgive myself for not having forgiven myself”.

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Ecstasy Through Creativity

by George Withers

Ecstasy is an intense state of bliss or joy; use your creativity to manifest joy in your life now! No matter what the problem, situation or person seemingly in the way may be, you are in control of your own destiny and happiness. Be in the here and now. One of the best ways to maintain a degree of joy is to examine the dark side of yourself, that intuitive and intrinsical side that most people repress in civilized life.

Within your intrinsical nature are the seeds of ecstasy. People tend to live in their minds and their emotions, and almost never in their intuitive depths. Our intuitions can be greatly expressed through our creativity, which is like a story; it needs a voice and a way to be heard in the world.

Creativity is part of each person’s present, past, and future. Many people think of creativity as stories outside of themselves, however, creativity is within every person and it gives each of us joy. Creativity is within the crystal palace of your mind and gives you ecstasy. It’s your life! Whether it is music, writing, art forms, theatre, business, building and construction, or the healing arts and medicine, we are all driven creatively in different ways and will find happiness by exploring the area best matched for us.
People create unhappiness for themselves when they live a life of unexpressed creativity, when they live someone else’s truth, rather than their own. Define your own creativity and live that truth for yourself to the fullest in the world and bring joy to yourself and others in the process.

If you live your whole life like a sheep, forgetting and denying whole parts of yourself, then you deny yourself happiness. Each day listen to your body, mind and heart. What are they telling you intuitively about a given situation, problem, or person? If you listen, you are bound to find the solution. Listen to your GOD–voice. Take courage and live out your passion creatively, thus living in ecstasy. If you believe in magic, than your life will be filled with color, creativity and will be magical. Magic is what we are all looking for. We create our own magic by living our lives truthfully and creatively. Out of the frictions of relationships at home or work comes magic; out of financial, social, and emotional woes, comes magic, and even out of the stress of forgetting and remembering comes magic. Out of your passion for life comes magic and ecstasy and creativity.

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by George Withers

You need commitment to focus on your target, your goal or your objective. For example, your goal may be entering a new relationship or ending an existing relationship, getting a new job, or buying a home, or going back to school or improving your health and well-being. To hit the bull’s eye requires total commitment of your spiritual and physical being. It can be a long process but your commitment to your goal gives you endurance. It is the next step after you define your act of power. Your act of power is the key to your destiny. Power lies in your individuality and the ability to see yourself through your own eyes and not through the eyes of another person. You neither seek the approval or disapproval of others because that is based on doubt and lack of commitment. You are the only one who can heal yourself. If you listen and feel, the earth will heal you as you heal Mother Earth. Prayer and meditation enable you to take your power and exists within your own special and individualistic self. You are one of a kind, you are unique, you are special and you must exist within your own individuality. You are part of God’s creation.

Action takes courage and you must live your power with courage and commitment. Learning by seeing your life is a teaching. You gain courage and strength from your mistakes and learn from them, painful as they may be. Success does not always teach as effectively as failure. Time can change your life. Time is an unseen force and can transform your life. Let time take its proper place in your life. Your power depends on your use of time. Your energy or chakra system corresponds to the energy flow from Mother Earth. Listen to your instincts or your intuition to heal yourself and nurture yourself with time. Nurture your spirit, nurture yourself, and nurture your dreams and goals.

Commit your strength, courage and individuality to identify the form of power you want and what you want to be so there is no separating you. Commit to what your God voice or instincts are telling you through prayer and meditation. Make a commitment to live each day as if it were your last day. Make a commitment to be all that you can be. Make a commitment to help someone else and thereby help yourself. Commit to that God voice within. Commit to your power of intuitive, creative receptivity in the fight against ignorance. Commit to walk down the path through the gateway into true destiny.

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Clearing Your Karma

by George Withers

You are the product of past thinking and actions. You need to release and clear karmic agreements, karmic debts,and karmic limitations of the past or from past lifetimes, as well as ancestral patterns.

Discover what is blocking you and what you can do to align your fulfillment and happiness with your life purpose and goals. Release your barriers and limitations to achieve healing on many different levels. Go through the book of your life and clear issues, problems, feelings, and relationships of the past and be reborn to a higher consciousness. Release feelings of betrayal, abuse, fear, revenge, anger, self criticism, and self defeating patterns of behavior. Recreate your life and body with love and understanding. Surrender all resistance and move to a state of unconditional love and enlightenment. Remove all obstacles to abundance of love, happiness, health, and prosperity. Release karmic records through all lifetimes between you and former bosses, coworkers, friends, lovers, family members, associates, neighbors, groups, clubs, etc. Purge all negativity from the past and past lifetimes once and for all. Before you open the book of your life and clear your karma, use this meditation to relax you.

Relax and take deep breaths in and out for a few minutes. Your very very relaxed and comfortable. Spell the word calm in your mind. Your whole body is now relaxed. Visualize yourself before an obstacle or problem or limitation. Whatever is blocking you from abundance, see it dissolve in the ethers. Tell yourself you will not permit this problem. See the pure White Light from the center of the universe dissolve the obstacle or problem and remove all limitations.


What do you feel when you hear these words anger and revenge? Scan for thoughts, feelings and emotions. Beware of people or groups who are obstacles to you. See bonds or ropes or chains between you and them removed. See the White Light cutting the chains between you and that person or groups floating away into the distance.

What do you feel when you hear fear and doubt? What insecurities regarding finances, relationships and the future do you sense? Dissolve the feelings and records of the past and past lifetimes. Surrender them to God.

What do you hear when you scan with these words? Dissolve them into the White Light. Bless and release everyone and everything associated with those words. Bless and release each person.

Who betrayed you? Whom did you betray? Scan your past. Dissolve all energy, feelings and etheric records and see them dissolve into the White Light. Bless and release all to God.

What do these words mean to you? Scan your past. Are you too critical of yourself or others? Are you too judgmental?

Recreate your life as you want it to be. Create pure love energy. Recreate your body, job, relationships, and home the way you desire it. Scan your life from time to time and dissolve all negative energy. Merge with the I AM the I AM Presence and White Light energy.

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Body, Mind and Soul – Centered Life

by George Withers

The structure of each person’s daily spiritual life must be built on a strong foundation in the physical world. Harmony involves balance between both the physical and spiritual aspects of your life. For harmony there must be balance.

Imagine that you are the hub of a wheel, standing in the center. Visualize the South as your body or physical self; the West your heart or emotional self; the North your spiritual self; and the East your brain or mental self. You are standing in your wheel of truth.

Consider and evaluate whether you spend as much time in the physical body (South) as you do in the spiritual or GOD (North). Are they balanced and are they in harmony? Think of whether you spend more time in the emotional (West) than you do in the mind (East).

Beware of your actions and behaviors to incorporate equal in all the directions so that your wheel of truth functions in perfect harmony. Center yourself in your power and release your need for distractions from your center. Never leave your center! If you are not centered, you will have less vision and because of that unevenness you will become unbalanced in your vision and such negativity can become your addition.

Live in your sacred witness-that inner place of silence is your true identity and therefore your true power. Answers to your questions are not found in another person. Answer your own questions by conversing with your own sacred witness or GOD voice and listening to it and trusting it.

Before making decisions, move into your place of silence and serenity deep within you. Center yourself and observe the silence until you find the sources of silence. In this silence lives your sacred witness-intuition-or GOD voice that sees all, knows all and is all that you are.

Find your power in balance always between mind and intuition. Doubt destroys your intuition and takes you off center. With intuition you can feel the source of your being and see what is truth. To take power, make your spirit available to GOD and find your higher self. Take your power and bring your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual natures into balance.

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