The Face of God

The face of God is everywhere and anywhere.  It’s your face, my face, the face of the taxi driver, the trucker, the deli manager, the waitress, the nurse, the priest, the realtor, and even the little child playing on the sidewalk.  Each person you see is a part of God, so recognize and appreciate that God presence in everyone, regardless of his physical appearance.

De-emphasize the superficial and emphasize the spiritual in each human heart, even though it may seem difficult at first.  Look for the divine spark in each person’s eyes, as the eyes are the windows of the soul.  Embrace the idioms and idiosyncrasies in all races and cultures.  Bless each person as God blesses you now with a smile, a kind word, and a loving gesture.  Compassion and understanding will radiate to others as you reflect God’s unconditional love unto others.

Now you become God’s beloved. God, as love, is always giving of itself to its beloved.  With open mind, heart and soul,  allow this good into your life… here and now.  God is the infinite source of all that is.  It’s every face in every race.  God is all that is and all that will ever be.

By: George Withers

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The Human Aura

by George Withers

Eastern Philosophers claim that the word Aura is derived from the Sanskrit root AR, meaning the spoke of a wheel. The aura spreads outward from the body very much like the spokes of a wheel. The aura extends outward from the body in an egg shape and is visible to most psychics, mediums and “sensitives”. The aura is brighter and wider around the head and shoulder. People sense this auric vibration and are attracted or repelled by it, according to its nature. With some people you meet, instantly you feel at ease and comfortable, while with other you don’t and that is due to the aura. The aura extends two to three feet or more from the body and is densest close to the body and fades out as it spreads out.

Within the aura are all the colors and these colors denote certain spiritual and physical conditions. Please remember that the aura is constantly changing in color as the emotions of a person react upon the auric vibrations. It is like the aura is impregnated with tiny electric sparks and these sparks are in constant motion. Look carefully at what people are wearing, as the colors of their clothing reflect the aura at that time.

Here is a brief outline of the meaning of colors. You can use it to figure out people and to read people in your daily life. This only a general outline.

  • Red denotes physical desire, anger, and passion. If someone is wearing red, it may indicate a need for energy.
  • Blue is a religious color and indicates high spiritual aspirations and passions.
  • Dark blue or navy indicates independence and someone who wants to be master and captain of their ship.
  • Violet and purple shades are high vibrations and present in the aura of healers and higher spiritual consciousness.
  • Yellow in the aura indicates mental activity and thinking.
  • Black is the opposite of pure white and indicates the more undeveloped sources. Black indicates playing a role and going incognito.
  • Gray is the dove, the peacemaker.
  • Pink is the color of love and the desire for love.
  • Green is the balance of nature and indicates money and finances.
  • Beige and brown indicates practical and earthy people.

Everyone is sensitive to color and responds to the vibration of certain colors in the healing of the physical body. Become aware of the colors you wear and your moods. Also become attuned to what colors people wear so you can know them better for successful interactions.

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Healing Your Childhood

by George Withers

Everything you live with as an adult is rooted in patterns and habits established as a child. These patterns are your “inner child” and affect your love relationships, your friendships, your career, and your spiritual life. In fact, these patterns indicate how well you will do in life. You need to discover how the habits were formed and how to bring healing and resolution to your memories, pain, trauma, anger, fear, and of course your self image issues. You can reparent your childhood and give to yourself the childhood you need. It is important to release all of the issues at all levels. If you do no heal an issue at all levels, it lingers and returns to haunt you.

The second chakra, this spiritual center below the navel, is the home of the inner child. Common problems of the inner child are as follows:

1. Feeling of abandonment and shame.
2. Fear of betrayal.
3. Terror of being hurt.
4. A sense of helplessness or hopelessness.
5. Depression.
6. The feeling of being overburdened.
7. The feeling of being not good enough.
8. The sense of being “stuck”.
9. The feeling of being unlovable.

If you deal with adult situations from a perspective of a wounded child, it results in trouble, misunderstanding, and even tragedy. The pain of childhood –real and metaphorical–can cast a shadow over your entire adult experience unless it is corrected.

Healing and Meditation for your Inner Child

Sit in a quiet area and take some deep breaths in and out. Slowly inhale to the count of five and then exhale slowly to the count of five. Relax and go with the eternal flow of life. Take at least five more breaths in and out and spell the word CALM in your mind. Let the love and light of the universe enter your physical body and enhance your relaxation and meditation. Now go deeper your heart chakra where you find compassion. Feel the love and oneness of all humanity.

See yourself as a child between three and six years old. Visualize yourself between ages 3 and 6. Look deep into the eyes of yourself as a child and hug your inner self. Discover the needs of this child. Perhaps it needs love or trust or security or being valued. Whatever that child needs, give it and love this child of God unconditionally. Let all of this child’s needs be heard and healed . Listen to
what this child is telling you to be healed mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually at every level. See what this child has been waiting for and let it feel loved and valued and supported. Allow your inner child to receive deep love and nurturing. Let this child receive total healing, acceptance, and peace. Permit this child to be embraced by the God Presence and be reborn with pure love. Let your heart and soul surrender to the pure love of the God Presence, wherein all truth and healing lies. Surrender your pain and suffering to the God Presence. Always remember you are precious and loved and your world and life are changing and evolving into a higher spiritual consciousness.

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by George Withers

When everything is going smoothly in your life, gratitude comes easily. However, when fate throws you a curve with the recession, the war in Iraq, and unemployment, you react differently and have a difficult time of showing deep appreciation. Do not take your gifts or blessings for granted. Gratitude is an attitude of thanks. Discover the joy and fulfillment that comes with daily gratitude.

What gifts or blessings do you take for granted each day? Your health? Your job? Your home? Your car? Your loved ones? Think how richly blessed you are. It’s a mind set and train your mind to be more grateful. Perhaps your health isn’t perfect, but then again you aren’t in a wheelchair or in the hospital. Perhaps your job isn’t ideal, but you have a job. Perhaps your home isn’t a castle, but it’s your castle.

Take time out each day to give thanks for just five blessings in your life. Take five minutes to honor and identify your blessings. A daily practice of gratitude can change your life. Keep a gratitude journal for that purpose. Open your heart and soul to experience your blessings by fully embracing gratitude and making it a way of life. Extend random acts of kindness to each person you meet today, if it’s simply holding a door open for someone. Give sincere thanks to everyone and everything. Write thank you notes to your paperboy, your cleaning woman, the boss, etc. Maintain this positive force and energy in your life. Always remember the bad to appreciate the good.

Here are some of the following benefits of gratitude:
1. Gratitude strengthens the immune system, improves sleep patterns, and reduces stress.
2. An attitude of gratitude makes you a more effective leader and manager in the workplace and results in job satisfaction.
3. In relationships and friendships an attitude of gratitude helps build trust and increases generosity.
4. An attitude of gratitude helps your spiritual and character development.

A daily gratitude practice can improve your sleep, overall energy, and emotional well-being. Transform your life today by choosing and starting each day with a new attitude and plenty of gratitude.

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Experience Life without Boundaries and Limitations

by George Withers

Within yourself you hold the key to all possibility. If you have a belief that limits or restricts you, such as “Im not good enough”, “Im not smart enough” or “I’m not pretty enough”, you are defeating yourself. When you work with the energy of openness and clarity, you allow for expansion and growth, which automatically overrides limitation. Then the shadow of “Im not good enough” vanishes. You are able to conquer limitation in any situation or person in everyday life. When you are in a stressful, negative, or limiting situation or relationship, pause for a moment and use your intention. Its not enough to have a goal in mind, you must also have the intention to achieve that goal. You must learn to set an intention and hold it. The development of such a capacity for intention is about harnessing your own mind for a specific purpose and not permitting any distraction or detour. You can do this with your eyes closed or your eyes open. Then stress drains immediately from you as natural expansion flows through the situation. Being free from limitations, whether they be emotional, financial, spiritual or mental is an enlightening experience. Every single thought or intention is bound to come into reality and being if your intention is pure. Thought and intention create sensations that can be felt. The more aware you become of your intentions by examining the feedback from your sensations, the more you recognize if you are balanced and in alignment. This is the way you navigate your moment-to -moment reality.

Universal intelligence or God handles everything for you. This intelligence knows itself. It is limitless and knows no boundaries. Do not try to limit or restrict this universal intelligence. This divine intelligence is majestic in its endless giving and it never withholds its true nature from you.

You need to create attraction and alignment by experiencing the power of trust and surrender. SURRENDER means letting go of what holds you back. Be open to all possibilities because this OPENNESS is the first step of trust and your ability to reach a state of expansion, growth and progress available to all. The second step is WILLINGNESS–the earnestness to take the steps needed to shift your beliefs. The third step is COURAGE–the courage to move beyond, what you thought possible in the past. The last and fourth step is CERTAINTY–the certainty that everything is okay even if you lack proof at that moment.

Universal Intelligence knows itself because it trusts itself and can allow itself to assume any form. And it assumed the form of you and me. Being free from all limitations and open to all possibilities and trusting them is an experience of spiritual enlightenment. Then you will recognize the freedom of the unlimited potential granted to each of us by the universe.

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by George Withers

Live Your Dreams—Don’t Just Dream Them

Visualization is the power to discover, to create and to transform. Visualization is the most powerful tool to bring about the positive changes you want. You must be able to see yourself succeeding before it can manifest. The new success patterns will have to become part of your subconscious mind-set. That is the reason visualization is being used by actors and actresses, models, Olympic athletes, medical doctors, business leaders, and educators. Visualization can create changes at such a deep level that it can improve any area of your life. You will become what you visualize and imagine yourself becoming. Learn to use your natural imagination in a more conscious way to create what you truly want–love, health, prosperity, inner peace, harmony, a rewarding career or a satisfying relationship. The possibilities are limitless.

Imagination is the ability to create an idea or a mental picture or a feeling of something. In creative visualization you use your imagination to create a perfect image or feeling you want to manifest. Then continue to focus on the idea or feeling or picture to give it a positive energy until it becomes a reality. Then you actually achieve what you have been imagining. You might imagine yourself with a new home or a new relationship.or a new job.

After relaxing into a deep, quiet, meditative state of mind, for example, you imagine that you are in the ideal job. See yourself in the setting or environment you would enjoy, doing the job you love, interacting with bosses and coworkers in harmony, receiving praise and appreciation for your efforts and with a great salary. Add on as many details that are important to you.

Create it exactly the way you would like it to be and as if it already happened. If your desire and intention are crystal clear, you will bring about positive changes in your life. Here are four basic steps for visualization:

Set your goal and be realistic. To begin, set goals that are fairly easy for you to believe in and achieve. Then you will not have to deal with negative resistance in yourself. Later you can tackle more challenging issues or problems.

Create a clear picture. Create a mental picture or a feeling of the situation exactly as you wish it. Think of it in the present and NOT in the future. Include as many details as possible. Make an actual picture or map of it as well if possible.

Focus on it. Bring your picture to mind throughout the day. In this way it becomes a reality for you. Remember to focus in a RELAXED way so you do not block it.

Give it positive energy. See yourself achieving and manifesting it. Practice getting the feeling that what you want is real and possible. Use affirmations to reinforce it.

Use the power of visualization to create what YOU want in your life NOW.

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Violet Light Purification for the New Year

by George Withers

VIOLET is the most powerful color for personal transformation. Violet dissolves and erases all negative thought patterns and revitalizes you both physically and mentally.

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL can assist to dissolve and release any or all attachments. With his flaming wand of pure violet light Archangel Michael cleanses, purifies, and frees you of any limitations or negativity. This gift of purification from the ASCENDED MASTERS assists you to fill your life with what you desire.

Hold a picture of a radiant violet flame one foot above you, one foot below you, one foot to your left, and one foot to your right. Visualize this violet flame all around you, especially in your solar plexus and your aura. This intense flame destroys any lower frequencies so that negativity cannot attach itself to you. Thus, a barrier is created to remove any negative emotion from yourself and others. This flaming column of violet light releases you from lower frequencies. You are removed from any discord, leaving you standing in a state of purification. Past karmic patterns are dissolved. Visualize, create, and manifest this violet flame from your toes to your head, a powerful column of healing energy and light expanding from one foot to ten feet all around you. This fountain or column of violet energy purges, releases, and annihilates all fear and doubt.

Affirm out loud, “I am a powerful fountain of pure violet light and divine love.” Visualize and create this violet fountain ten feet above you, ten feet below you and ten feet on either side of you. Hold this violet flame around you five minutes each day for purity and clarity. This is a gift from the Ascended Masters so treasure it. The more you use this flame at work, at home or wherever you will see your life blessed beyond your wildest dreams. Send this flame into all of your memories and relationships and replace them with joy. Fill your life and world with this electric violet flame where no doubt or fear can survive. Invoke the blessings of creation with this light each day for five minutes or more, preferably three times a day. With time, patience, and practice this violet flame becomes stronger and stronger and transmutes you into the energy of the Ascended Masters and brings you all that is good. Use the flame in 2009 and make your year a year of spiritual rebirth. The violet flame will change your world before your eyes in 2009.

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The Seven Chakras

by George Withers

Healing, Balancing, and Energizing

Your seven major chakras are energy centers which act as portals through which your emotional, mental, and spiritual forces flow in and out of your life. This is the reason it is important that you understand these seven spiritual centers and know how to heal, balance, and energize these chakra energies. There is no area of your life that is not affected by your chakras. All of your life lessons are recorded there and determine your relationships, finances, and health, aw well as your emotional and spiritual life.

1. The crown chakra is located at the top of the head and is actually a lotus flower within a lotus flower and violet in color. It symbolizes internal energy. It is the I AM that I AM.
2. The brow chakra or the third eye chakra is located in the middle of the forehead and is blue violet in color. It is the seed of the mind and thought.
3. The throat chakra is a lotus flower blue in color and is the sener of sound and voice. It is the center of the will.
4. The heart chakra green in color is like a twelve petal lotus flower and is associated with the sense of touch.
5. The solar plexus chakra is yellow and is a ten petal lotus flower. It is considered the ancient brain.
6. The spleen chakra controls the fluid functions of the body and is orange in color.
7. The last chakra, the root chakra, is located at the base of the spine and red in color. It governs the bones, teeth, and nails and is associated with the sense of smell.

Chakra Meditation

After taking five or more breaths in and slowly expelling negative energy, visualize a beautiful white light coming from outer space and hitting the top of your head, the crown chakra. See a ball of pure white light healing, balancing, and energizing this chakra for a few seconds. Now visualize and create this ball of pure white light descending slowly to your brow chakra to balance and energize this second psychic center. Slowly move the ball of white light to your throat chakra, your heart chakra, your solar plexus, your spleen, and finally the root chakra. Allow enough time for the white light bathe each chakra, thereby, cleansing, healing, balancing, and energizing each of these spiritual centers. Now reverse this process. Visualize and create the ball of white light slowly ascending from the root chakra at the base of the spine, to the spleen, to the solar plexus, to the heart, to the throat, to the third eye, and finally the crown chakra. Visualize a column of pure white light going up and down the chakras in perfect harmony for a minute or so. Meditate for five minutes or more after visualizing these seven psychic-spiritual centers filled with the Christ light and awaken with expanded awareness, improved health, and vitality.

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The Law of Abundance

by George Withers

“I give eternal thanks for abundance that is mine” should be the mantra to begin your day. You are seeking and searching for spiritual, mental, and material abundance, but you need to pause and give thanks for the many blessings already in your life. Perhaps it is not the perfect job but it is a job and perhaps it is not perfect health, but at least you are not confined to a hospital bed. Affirm out loud, “ I and my Father are one.” That spiritual consciousness has to be cultivated so you may pray to Him with certainty and know that God is with you right now where you are and at all times. Be grateful for that consciousness and realization. The Creator is ready and eager to bestow you with your blessings, but you must first learn to recognize and receive good when it comes. Divine Will and Human Will operates in harmony and perfect balance to manifest whatever you may need from God’s unlimited supply of health, happiness, and abundance if your intentions are pure. The Law of Abundance works for everyone in the world but it must be set into motion. You must do your part and tune in to Him by right thoughts and actions to manifest the desired results. Decide what you want and be sure that what you want is right for you. Then go after it and persevere until you get results.

Each day contact the God source through prayer and meditation until you feel the serenity deep within you and know that you are “in tune” with the God source. If you are uncertain, doubtful or changeable, you simply cannot accomplish your purpose. Negativity, such as anger, envy, suspicion, jealousy, fear, hate, worry, anxiety, or thoughts of each are stumbling blocks. A joyful, thankful attitude will carry you toward the goal of bringing only good into your life. Change your thinking if you want to change your conditions. You are responsible for your thoughts and only you can change them and make them positive. Appreciation for the Creator expands your consciousness and enables a greater supply of health, wealth, happiness or whatever you desire. Speak to the Father God within and thank Him. God is within you and nothing can prevent you achieving success in all your right endeavors, but you must acknowledge the divine power within you and be grateful for it. The Creator is giving you the power to attract to you the right people, materials, and ideas needed to materialize that which you rightfully claim a child of God.

Whatever the goal for which you are saving, decide how much you can safely deposit each day. Create your own bank —it can be a piggy bank, an envelope, a sack, a bag, or a jar. Start small and expand —deposit a nickel, dime, quarter, or dollar bill each and every day. Make it a ritual and discipline yourself to do so. Say a prayer of abundance and gratitude before dropping money in your bank. Affirm out loud, “I give eternal thanks for abundance that is mine.” Visualize your money and goal increasing tenfold. Always think of God, of good, and of unlimited supply so there can be no negativity left in your mind.

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by George Withers

Psychometry is the ability of the psychic or medium to read from vibrations coming from articles held in the hand or hands. Then the psychic or medium can give names and messages of spirit people or the departed associated with the article. There are many psychics who have greater confidence if they are able to hold an article, such as a ring, wristwatch, bracelet, sweater, etc. belonging to the person for whom they are making an attunement. The fingertips of some psychics are so sensitive that they can actually feel the vibrations of these articles and attune themselves to these vibrations. This method is used frequently in police work or working with missing persons. Psychics are given an article of clothing or schoolbag or piece of jewelry and then the psychic is able to give evidential information to locate the missing person.

The Law of Vibration figures prominently in this phase of mediumship. The Law of Vibration controls all matter whether it is animate or inanimate. All articles take on the vibrations from the person who wears or handles them. There are vibrations of light and sound too fast to be caught by the physical eye or ear, but a psychic or medium can discern these vibrations.

Technically speaking, the word psychometry means soul measuring. Psychics can have clients write down their questions on a piece of paper and then have the client fold the paper several times without the psychic ever seeing the questions. By holding the paper the psychic can answer these questions by reading the vibrations emanating from the paper without actually seeing the questions. Psychics apply this same process to read tarot cards or other cards. Psychics have the client shuffle the cards carefully and then read the vibrations of a client using the cards as a point of focus. Remember everything you touch or handle has your vibrations. It is your DNA.

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