How to Meet and Talk with the Departed

by George Withers

Loved ones, who have passed over to the other side are often as interested in establishing a relationship with us here on earth as we are with them. Instead of grieving for prolonged periods of time over the death of a wife or husband, a parent or a child, or a friend, we can benefit from contact with loved ones who have passed over to the other side. We may even do so without realizing it. Your departed loved ones may make themselves known in a variety of ways if you become aware of signs. Some will use symbols. Others will touch you on parts of your body, such as your shoulder or your head or hair. Others may be auditory–from a single buzzing or ringing to whispers and voices. Some loved ones will present themselves through colors or smells. Some will give names and some will not. Ask your loved ones for names as it may help you to personalize the relationship. Trust the first name you get. Most loved ones will manifest in a dream state when you are most relaxed. The magic hours are between 1 and 4 in the morning. Loved ones seem to make contact with the living in the early hours of the morning when we are most relaxed and receptive. If you wish, you can get out of bed and pull up a chair and talk to the departed one as you would have in real life. It is important to eliminate fears and thereby avoid problems. You do not have to learn to be unconscious or in trance in order to meet and work with loved ones who made the transition. However, do not become overdependent upon them and do not use the departed to remedy your own loneliness or to parade around to friends for your ego enhancement. Above all, test the spirits. Do not follow their advice blindly. Those who are truly loved ones will expect this testing and will be patient with you.

Work with your loved ones is a creative process. It involves learning to tap into the subconscious to communicate effectively. When we close our eyes and withdraw temporarily from the world around us, we enter the world of spirit. Mediation is the key to shift our state of consciousness. Dreaming is an altered state just as meditation is. The psychic senses exist within us all. For the most part, the psychic sense must be awakened through meditation. You can set the intention of the relationship with the departed through visualization, prayer, affirmation, and meditation so there is no obsession or contact with lower entities.

Attune yourself for contact with loved ones as follows:
1. Close your eyes and relax in a seated position where you will not be disturbed.

2. Bring your attention to the crown of your head and begin breathing slowly and rhymically. Inhale slowly to the count of five and exhale slowly to the count of five. Repeat this exercise at least five times.

3. Keep your eyes closed and extend your senses outward. Pay attention to new sensations. Do you have a feeling of a presence?? Are there any colors or sounds?? Are there any fragrances? Do you sense anything different? Ask for some form of identification? When you get a response, continue questioning mentally. Visualize yourself having a conversation with this being. Do not force it. Do not forget to record your impressions. Please keep in mind that it takes patience, practice, and perseverance for a relationship with you loved one to unfold.

Learning to work with loved ones is a great adventure. We open ourselves to the continuity of life and eliminate fear of death by connecting with those you have come and gone before us. We learn through contact with the departed that we are never truly alone and we are all children of God.

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