George’s psychic ability was noticed at the age of 4 years.George Withers 020486

“I was outside with my mother. She was hanging wash.
Anyway, all of a sudden, I started screaming ‘Fire! Fire!’
There were no flames or smoke evident and she didn’t understand.
I persisted and finally dragged my mother inside the house only to find smoke billowing down the staircase from the second floor. My grandfather, an invalid, had thrown a lighted cigar into a waste can in an upstairs bedroom and the curtains above it had caught on fire.”

George’s psychic ability went unrealized due to the strict Lutheran beliefs of his parents. His psychic powers appeared on and off through his adolescent and college years. After college he pursued his interest in the spiritual world and became an ordained minister in the International General Assembly of Spiritualists in the 1970s.

George graduated from Albright College in Pennsylvania and received his Masters degree from Kutztown. He also did post-graduate work in education, psychology and German at Purdue University and Villanova.

For 25 years George taught English and German in high schools before he retired. This allowed him to turn full time to his psychic work. George admits that the psychic work is much more rewarding than he ever thought.

Becoming a renowned psychic wasn’t easy, he admits.
“You have to refine and discipline it. Everyone has some psychic ability, but it’s a matter of refining it.”

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