Healing Your Childhood

by George Withers

Everything you live with as an adult is rooted in patterns and habits established as a child. These patterns are your “inner child” and affect your love relationships, your friendships, your career, and your spiritual life. In fact, these patterns indicate how well you will do in life. You need to discover how the habits were formed and how to bring healing and resolution to your memories, pain, trauma, anger, fear, and of course your self image issues. You can reparent your childhood and give to yourself the childhood you need. It is important to release all of the issues at all levels. If you do no heal an issue at all levels, it lingers and returns to haunt you.

The second chakra, this spiritual center below the navel, is the home of the inner child. Common problems of the inner child are as follows:

1. Feeling of abandonment and shame.
2. Fear of betrayal.
3. Terror of being hurt.
4. A sense of helplessness or hopelessness.
5. Depression.
6. The feeling of being overburdened.
7. The feeling of being not good enough.
8. The sense of being “stuck”.
9. The feeling of being unlovable.

If you deal with adult situations from a perspective of a wounded child, it results in trouble, misunderstanding, and even tragedy. The pain of childhood –real and metaphorical–can cast a shadow over your entire adult experience unless it is corrected.

Healing and Meditation for your Inner Child

Sit in a quiet area and take some deep breaths in and out. Slowly inhale to the count of five and then exhale slowly to the count of five. Relax and go with the eternal flow of life. Take at least five more breaths in and out and spell the word CALM in your mind. Let the love and light of the universe enter your physical body and enhance your relaxation and meditation. Now go deeper your heart chakra where you find compassion. Feel the love and oneness of all humanity.

See yourself as a child between three and six years old. Visualize yourself between ages 3 and 6. Look deep into the eyes of yourself as a child and hug your inner self. Discover the needs of this child. Perhaps it needs love or trust or security or being valued. Whatever that child needs, give it and love this child of God unconditionally. Let all of this child’s needs be heard and healed . Listen to
what this child is telling you to be healed mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually at every level. See what this child has been waiting for and let it feel loved and valued and supported. Allow your inner child to receive deep love and nurturing. Let this child receive total healing, acceptance, and peace. Permit this child to be embraced by the God Presence and be reborn with pure love. Let your heart and soul surrender to the pure love of the God Presence, wherein all truth and healing lies. Surrender your pain and suffering to the God Presence. Always remember you are precious and loved and your world and life are changing and evolving into a higher spiritual consciousness.

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