by George Withers

When everything is going smoothly in your life, gratitude comes easily. However, when fate throws you a curve with the recession, the war in Iraq, and unemployment, you react differently and have a difficult time of showing deep appreciation. Do not take your gifts or blessings for granted. Gratitude is an attitude of thanks. Discover the joy and fulfillment that comes with daily gratitude.

What gifts or blessings do you take for granted each day? Your health? Your job? Your home? Your car? Your loved ones? Think how richly blessed you are. It’s a mind set and train your mind to be more grateful. Perhaps your health isn’t perfect, but then again you aren’t in a wheelchair or in the hospital. Perhaps your job isn’t ideal, but you have a job. Perhaps your home isn’t a castle, but it’s your castle.

Take time out each day to give thanks for just five blessings in your life. Take five minutes to honor and identify your blessings. A daily practice of gratitude can change your life. Keep a gratitude journal for that purpose. Open your heart and soul to experience your blessings by fully embracing gratitude and making it a way of life. Extend random acts of kindness to each person you meet today, if it’s simply holding a door open for someone. Give sincere thanks to everyone and everything. Write thank you notes to your paperboy, your cleaning woman, the boss, etc. Maintain this positive force and energy in your life. Always remember the bad to appreciate the good.

Here are some of the following benefits of gratitude:
1. Gratitude strengthens the immune system, improves sleep patterns, and reduces stress.
2. An attitude of gratitude makes you a more effective leader and manager in the workplace and results in job satisfaction.
3. In relationships and friendships an attitude of gratitude helps build trust and increases generosity.
4. An attitude of gratitude helps your spiritual and character development.

A daily gratitude practice can improve your sleep, overall energy, and emotional well-being. Transform your life today by choosing and starting each day with a new attitude and plenty of gratitude.

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