by George Withers

To err is human; to forgive divine. A quote by Alexander Pope.

Forgiveness has the power to dissolve resentment, release blame, heal guilt, end anger, and eliminate fear. However, to truly forgive opens the heart to the soul and the divine. It takes you into the depths of consciousness as a route to discover healing on many levels and expand into the higher spiritual awakening.

Why hold onto slights, hurts, and grudges of the past? It is negative energy. The past is the past; learn from it and move forward.

Resentment and anger are cancers and in time may contribute to critical illness in your body unless you learn to forgive. By forgiving someone you can forgive yourself. That realization and understanding will be uplifting and transforming. Forgiveness is life changing. Forgiveness cleanses you and wipes the slate clean. State the following mantra out loud, “I forgive myself”. You need to rid yourself of emotionally negative baggage that blocks the positive energies wanting to bring new things into your life.

If you can forgive yourself, you can forgive others more easily. It liberates you and removes emotional blockages of the past. Acknowledge what or whom you want to release. Self forgiveness means letting go of whatever real or imagined resentments the mind holds onto. Self forgiveness opens you to the God presence.

When you close someone out, you close a part of your heart. Developing an attitude of forgiveness takes time. Do not let self justification and self righteousness control you. Explore what negative energies you are holding onto. Begin the healing process by keeping a weekly journal of steps you have taken to release and forgive past hurts.

Forgiveness brings you reconnection with your true inner being and others. Start small by practicing with a clerk or coworker who has been rude to you and open your heart to forgiveness. Use the daily affirmation, “I forgive myself for not having forgiven myself”.

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