Experience Life without Boundaries and Limitations

by George Withers

Within yourself you hold the key to all possibility. If you have a belief that limits or restricts you, such as “Im not good enough”, “Im not smart enough” or “I’m not pretty enough”, you are defeating yourself. When you work with the energy of openness and clarity, you allow for expansion and growth, which automatically overrides limitation. Then the shadow of “Im not good enough” vanishes. You are able to conquer limitation in any situation or person in everyday life. When you are in a stressful, negative, or limiting situation or relationship, pause for a moment and use your intention. Its not enough to have a goal in mind, you must also have the intention to achieve that goal. You must learn to set an intention and hold it. The development of such a capacity for intention is about harnessing your own mind for a specific purpose and not permitting any distraction or detour. You can do this with your eyes closed or your eyes open. Then stress drains immediately from you as natural expansion flows through the situation. Being free from limitations, whether they be emotional, financial, spiritual or mental is an enlightening experience. Every single thought or intention is bound to come into reality and being if your intention is pure. Thought and intention create sensations that can be felt. The more aware you become of your intentions by examining the feedback from your sensations, the more you recognize if you are balanced and in alignment. This is the way you navigate your moment-to -moment reality.

Universal intelligence or God handles everything for you. This intelligence knows itself. It is limitless and knows no boundaries. Do not try to limit or restrict this universal intelligence. This divine intelligence is majestic in its endless giving and it never withholds its true nature from you.

You need to create attraction and alignment by experiencing the power of trust and surrender. SURRENDER means letting go of what holds you back. Be open to all possibilities because this OPENNESS is the first step of trust and your ability to reach a state of expansion, growth and progress available to all. The second step is WILLINGNESS–the earnestness to take the steps needed to shift your beliefs. The third step is COURAGE–the courage to move beyond, what you thought possible in the past. The last and fourth step is CERTAINTY–the certainty that everything is okay even if you lack proof at that moment.

Universal Intelligence knows itself because it trusts itself and can allow itself to assume any form. And it assumed the form of you and me. Being free from all limitations and open to all possibilities and trusting them is an experience of spiritual enlightenment. Then you will recognize the freedom of the unlimited potential granted to each of us by the universe.

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