Ecstasy Through Creativity

by George Withers

Ecstasy is an intense state of bliss or joy; use your creativity to manifest joy in your life now! No matter what the problem, situation or person seemingly in the way may be, you are in control of your own destiny and happiness. Be in the here and now. One of the best ways to maintain a degree of joy is to examine the dark side of yourself, that intuitive and intrinsical side that most people repress in civilized life.

Within your intrinsical nature are the seeds of ecstasy. People tend to live in their minds and their emotions, and almost never in their intuitive depths. Our intuitions can be greatly expressed through our creativity, which is like a story; it needs a voice and a way to be heard in the world.

Creativity is part of each person’s present, past, and future. Many people think of creativity as stories outside of themselves, however, creativity is within every person and it gives each of us joy. Creativity is within the crystal palace of your mind and gives you ecstasy. It’s your life! Whether it is music, writing, art forms, theatre, business, building and construction, or the healing arts and medicine, we are all driven creatively in different ways and will find happiness by exploring the area best matched for us.
People create unhappiness for themselves when they live a life of unexpressed creativity, when they live someone else’s truth, rather than their own. Define your own creativity and live that truth for yourself to the fullest in the world and bring joy to yourself and others in the process.

If you live your whole life like a sheep, forgetting and denying whole parts of yourself, then you deny yourself happiness. Each day listen to your body, mind and heart. What are they telling you intuitively about a given situation, problem, or person? If you listen, you are bound to find the solution. Listen to your GOD–voice. Take courage and live out your passion creatively, thus living in ecstasy. If you believe in magic, than your life will be filled with color, creativity and will be magical. Magic is what we are all looking for. We create our own magic by living our lives truthfully and creatively. Out of the frictions of relationships at home or work comes magic; out of financial, social, and emotional woes, comes magic, and even out of the stress of forgetting and remembering comes magic. Out of your passion for life comes magic and ecstasy and creativity.

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