by George Withers

You need commitment to focus on your target, your goal or your objective. For example, your goal may be entering a new relationship or ending an existing relationship, getting a new job, or buying a home, or going back to school or improving your health and well-being. To hit the bull’s eye requires total commitment of your spiritual and physical being. It can be a long process but your commitment to your goal gives you endurance. It is the next step after you define your act of power. Your act of power is the key to your destiny. Power lies in your individuality and the ability to see yourself through your own eyes and not through the eyes of another person. You neither seek the approval or disapproval of others because that is based on doubt and lack of commitment. You are the only one who can heal yourself. If you listen and feel, the earth will heal you as you heal Mother Earth. Prayer and meditation enable you to take your power and exists within your own special and individualistic self. You are one of a kind, you are unique, you are special and you must exist within your own individuality. You are part of God’s creation.

Action takes courage and you must live your power with courage and commitment. Learning by seeing your life is a teaching. You gain courage and strength from your mistakes and learn from them, painful as they may be. Success does not always teach as effectively as failure. Time can change your life. Time is an unseen force and can transform your life. Let time take its proper place in your life. Your power depends on your use of time. Your energy or chakra system corresponds to the energy flow from Mother Earth. Listen to your instincts or your intuition to heal yourself and nurture yourself with time. Nurture your spirit, nurture yourself, and nurture your dreams and goals.

Commit your strength, courage and individuality to identify the form of power you want and what you want to be so there is no separating you. Commit to what your God voice or instincts are telling you through prayer and meditation. Make a commitment to live each day as if it were your last day. Make a commitment to be all that you can be. Make a commitment to help someone else and thereby help yourself. Commit to that God voice within. Commit to your power of intuitive, creative receptivity in the fight against ignorance. Commit to walk down the path through the gateway into true destiny.

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