Clearing Your Karma

by George Withers

You are the product of past thinking and actions. You need to release and clear karmic agreements, karmic debts,and karmic limitations of the past or from past lifetimes, as well as ancestral patterns.

Discover what is blocking you and what you can do to align your fulfillment and happiness with your life purpose and goals. Release your barriers and limitations to achieve healing on many different levels. Go through the book of your life and clear issues, problems, feelings, and relationships of the past and be reborn to a higher consciousness. Release feelings of betrayal, abuse, fear, revenge, anger, self criticism, and self defeating patterns of behavior. Recreate your life and body with love and understanding. Surrender all resistance and move to a state of unconditional love and enlightenment. Remove all obstacles to abundance of love, happiness, health, and prosperity. Release karmic records through all lifetimes between you and former bosses, coworkers, friends, lovers, family members, associates, neighbors, groups, clubs, etc. Purge all negativity from the past and past lifetimes once and for all. Before you open the book of your life and clear your karma, use this meditation to relax you.

Relax and take deep breaths in and out for a few minutes. Your very very relaxed and comfortable. Spell the word calm in your mind. Your whole body is now relaxed. Visualize yourself before an obstacle or problem or limitation. Whatever is blocking you from abundance, see it dissolve in the ethers. Tell yourself you will not permit this problem. See the pure White Light from the center of the universe dissolve the obstacle or problem and remove all limitations.


What do you feel when you hear these words anger and revenge? Scan for thoughts, feelings and emotions. Beware of people or groups who are obstacles to you. See bonds or ropes or chains between you and them removed. See the White Light cutting the chains between you and that person or groups floating away into the distance.

What do you feel when you hear fear and doubt? What insecurities regarding finances, relationships and the future do you sense? Dissolve the feelings and records of the past and past lifetimes. Surrender them to God.

What do you hear when you scan with these words? Dissolve them into the White Light. Bless and release everyone and everything associated with those words. Bless and release each person.

Who betrayed you? Whom did you betray? Scan your past. Dissolve all energy, feelings and etheric records and see them dissolve into the White Light. Bless and release all to God.

What do these words mean to you? Scan your past. Are you too critical of yourself or others? Are you too judgmental?

Recreate your life as you want it to be. Create pure love energy. Recreate your body, job, relationships, and home the way you desire it. Scan your life from time to time and dissolve all negative energy. Merge with the I AM the I AM Presence and White Light energy.

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