Body, Mind and Soul – Centered Life

by George Withers

The structure of each person’s daily spiritual life must be built on a strong foundation in the physical world. Harmony involves balance between both the physical and spiritual aspects of your life. For harmony there must be balance.

Imagine that you are the hub of a wheel, standing in the center. Visualize the South as your body or physical self; the West your heart or emotional self; the North your spiritual self; and the East your brain or mental self. You are standing in your wheel of truth.

Consider and evaluate whether you spend as much time in the physical body (South) as you do in the spiritual or GOD (North). Are they balanced and are they in harmony? Think of whether you spend more time in the emotional (West) than you do in the mind (East).

Beware of your actions and behaviors to incorporate equal in all the directions so that your wheel of truth functions in perfect harmony. Center yourself in your power and release your need for distractions from your center. Never leave your center! If you are not centered, you will have less vision and because of that unevenness you will become unbalanced in your vision and such negativity can become your addition.

Live in your sacred witness-that inner place of silence is your true identity and therefore your true power. Answers to your questions are not found in another person. Answer your own questions by conversing with your own sacred witness or GOD voice and listening to it and trusting it.

Before making decisions, move into your place of silence and serenity deep within you. Center yourself and observe the silence until you find the sources of silence. In this silence lives your sacred witness-intuition-or GOD voice that sees all, knows all and is all that you are.

Find your power in balance always between mind and intuition. Doubt destroys your intuition and takes you off center. With intuition you can feel the source of your being and see what is truth. To take power, make your spirit available to GOD and find your higher self. Take your power and bring your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual natures into balance.

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